Monday, January 31, 2011

Its wet again

This morning a friend of mine informed me that she was lucky for being able to get away from Tenang, Labis. Most of her friends are still stranded there due to the flood caused by days of heavy rain.

It seems that the monsoon has struck again, though a bit late from its usual timetable.

I still remember those days when wet seasons used to arrive at year end. So, November and December of each year are vacated from any outdoor plannings.But now it seems days of heavy rain can come outside the monsoon time.

I have experienced flood many times (inclusive of flash flood), being evacuated for several times and have to stay at the common hall for weeks. I even almost lost my life due to heavy current during flood while rescuing my school uniform. My, the vast natural swimming pool looked alike is so unpredictable...

I hope I'm more prepared this season..

Are you?

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