Friday, February 11, 2011

How to ractify mistakes

Yeah, I had to decide things and carry out the decision. Be it about works, relationships, purchases, bla bla bla..  the list is growing longer each day... Sometimes I made the right one, sometimes not so right, and sometimes totally wrong.. The sour part is that :  it doesn't matter whether I acted upon the right, not so right or totally wrong decisions, still, sometimes the feeling of guilt lurking in my head as the aftermath of these 2 inter-related process.

Today is no exceptions.

The guilt I am experiencing is so disturbing.

I had purchased a vehicle for a business venture with a friend. The deal was that, my friend was to run the business, while I was to pay for the price of the vehicle and to provide the business capital. The business venture flop and the vehicle started to rot in my friend's garage. So, I decided to sell the vehicle to minimise my loss.

To sell the vehicle is a totally wrong decision, in my friend's point of view. I oppose that view. Followed by disagreements.. and thereafter arguments.  

Result : The vehicle is still sitting in the garage. But our friendship severed.

Accidentally, my desk calender for today has this quotation printed on it : "Admit your mistakes"....

I admit that not being hands-on on the business venture is a mistake.

I am still thinking how I must ractify the mistakes...

Mr Vee - My open secret love affair

Oh, so sweeeetttt..

While driving towards my work place this morning, I caught view of my Mr Vee. He was mine before, but no longer now...

Oh God, I found myself smiling...

I couldn't help remembering the sweet time when I first met Mr Vee a few years back. Though my husband was beside me, I could notice how handsome Mr Vee was under the hot June afternoon sun. I knew Mr Vee was loved before. I had also loved before. But I knew that time I just fall for Mr Vee.

We were together after that. When people see us being together for the first time, they said we were not compatible. You being so bulky, while I was petite compared to your size. But for us, it didn't matter what other people said, so long as we were together. Furthermore, when on the go, your built and size would make other people think twice before bullying me, which I loved most.

But good time had to last, at least in our case. Sigh....

I had to let you go after those 5 wonderful-turned-to-turbulence years.We were an item since June 2004, but on June 2009, I had to send you away. I could no longer stand the bills for keeping you with me.

I am sorry, Mr Vee. I need to move on. I am with Mr C now (or should I say its more appropriate to name it Miss City?).

I hope you will be loved better than the way I loved and cherished you . I know your new master would, because I realise that he has given you new look.  You looked fabulous in that beautiful metallic white colour, instead of the usual old blue-black tone you used to have on. I have to admit, I still keep your old self photos with me. But, goodby, Mr Vee..

Good-bye,  my old 1997 built Volvo 940...

(Hahaha.. dude, don't get pissed!)