Friday, February 11, 2011

How to ractify mistakes

Yeah, I had to decide things and carry out the decision. Be it about works, relationships, purchases, bla bla bla..  the list is growing longer each day... Sometimes I made the right one, sometimes not so right, and sometimes totally wrong.. The sour part is that :  it doesn't matter whether I acted upon the right, not so right or totally wrong decisions, still, sometimes the feeling of guilt lurking in my head as the aftermath of these 2 inter-related process.

Today is no exceptions.

The guilt I am experiencing is so disturbing.

I had purchased a vehicle for a business venture with a friend. The deal was that, my friend was to run the business, while I was to pay for the price of the vehicle and to provide the business capital. The business venture flop and the vehicle started to rot in my friend's garage. So, I decided to sell the vehicle to minimise my loss.

To sell the vehicle is a totally wrong decision, in my friend's point of view. I oppose that view. Followed by disagreements.. and thereafter arguments.  

Result : The vehicle is still sitting in the garage. But our friendship severed.

Accidentally, my desk calender for today has this quotation printed on it : "Admit your mistakes"....

I admit that not being hands-on on the business venture is a mistake.

I am still thinking how I must ractify the mistakes...

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